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Plug & play

Fully tailored platform up and running within 3 days, no IT resources required.

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When we say plug & play, we actually mean plug & play.

Our experience has learned that no matter how complex your product or service is, it is essential to make the process of actually benefiting from it as seamless and fast as possible. Not only to make room in your own agenda, but especially to put the least possible constraint on your clients before they can capture the prospective value.

Therefore, we aim to make LinkBundle as accessible as possible, no matter how complex the user case. This starts with consuming the least possible amount of time from our clients’ IT departments. We have optimized our processes which now allows our clients to start using LinkBundle without any resources required from their IT departments. No more lengthy and resource consuming implementation processes, we can now have a fully tailored platform up and running within three days.

To every rule there are exceptions, similarly there are user cases that prove to be more time consuming than the three days stated above. Examples of these user cases are clients that want to incorporate their proprietary data into LinkBundle, or clients that want to incorporate the data from LinkBundle into their own data/dashboarding solution. We do however have efficient processes in place to ensure that even the most extensive user cases will be dealt with as soon as is responsible. Proprietary data can be implemented through standardized Excel or CSV files and we will deal with the integration into our system. For clients that wish to incorporate our data into an existing solution, we make all the data available through an API in order to provide a seamless experience here as well.

No matter how you want to use LinkBundle, the implementation process is never time consuming. Exactly what we mean by plug & play.