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Who needs LinkBundle?

LinkBundle helps you ask the right questions from a strategic point of view.

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Whether you are a CMO of a large corporation or an online marketeer responsible for online performance, LinkBundle will help you better understand your position in the digital landscape and provide insights to improve your performance.

The start: Executive dashboard

Initially, LinkBundle was solely targeting CMO’s of large corporations. This was the case because the idea for LinkBundle came from the information deficit that CMO’s in large corporations have with regards to their online performance and their place in the digital landscape relative to their competitors. There was no proper executive dashboard for online performance. However, during the course of our existence it became evident that not only CMO’s but anyone responsible for or working to improve the digital presence and position of a company can benefit from our data, our tool and our consultancy. So how does LinkBundle help people active in the digital space do a better job?

From our discussions with CMO’s of several large corporations, we found out that the diversity in data sources is a problem. Every division reports their own data, from their own platform, in a way which suits them. LinkBundle agnostically incorporates data from a wide array of channels/platforms. This facilitates a situation where every separate online division as well as the people responsible for the overall online performance talk about the same data, at all times.

People who are responsible for online marketing activities often struggle with the word strategy. What is a ‘strategic decision’ and what is a ‘tactical decision’? We do not have the answer either. However, by implementing data from a variety of channels, for you and your competitors, and composing isolated KPI’s into higher level metrics we play our part in helping you take a more strategic point of view towards your data and performance. LinkBundle facilitates better informed strategic decision making which in turn will lead to better online performance.

Besides strategic direction, LinkBundle aims to provide tactical insight in order to provide immediate opportunities for the people responsible for seperate online divisions to follow up on the strategic decisions being made. Because we have our data available on granular levels (keyword, platform, channel) we are able to not only provide insight into the overall status, but also into specific lower level elements that represent the underlying reasons behind your performance. Which social channel to invest in, which keyword to rank for or which consumer association to claim? LinkBundle provides insights.

The scenarios explained above are examples of how LinkBundle can help people responsible for or active in the digital landscape do a better job. If you are interested in finding out what LinkBundle can do for you or your organization, request a demo or contact us.