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The basis for strategic decision making is understanding your market and your direct competitors.

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LinkBundle provides you with the ability to benchmark your digital marketing performance against your competitors across several online channels. Enabling you to make better informed strategic decisions based on relevant digital competitor analysis.

Online competitive intelligence explained

Before explaining to you how LinkBundle makes online competitive intelligence work for your organization, let’s first take a step back and discuss the “why” and the “what”. The “why” is pretty straightforward: We from LinkBundle are on a mission to help our clients gain a better understanding of the digital landscape of their market, in order for them to make better informed decisions and optimize their online strategy and performance. “What” LinkBundle does seems slightly harder to grasp for our (potential) clients, that is to say until they have seen the LinkBundle tool in action. “What” is competitor analysis or competitive intelligence in online marketing? And how to use it to the advantage of your company? These questions will both be answered when explaining how we make competitor analysis work for you organization.

First and foremost, we provide you with a valuable tool. This starts with data discovery (followed by scraping, consolidating, structuring, labelling, analysing, visualising etc. If you want to read more about our data discovery process, click here. During this process we generate a data-set with all relevant KPI’s across all online channels by brand/product/market vs your competitors. Examples of channels incorporated in LinkBundle are SEO, SEA, Social, Display, App and Websites. Once this data is generated, we visualize this into custom and pre-set dashboards where performance, rankings and trends within the data become clear and easily understandable. This is the first step in transforming the data into intelligence. As a possible next step we can combine this data with data from 3rd party solutions you already work with or top level proprietary data. Once the full basic data set is live (we anticipate the number of KPI’s will always continue to grow) we can then compose the isolated data points into combined strategic metrics that summarise overall performance in the online landscape from a holistic point of view.

So to summarize the first  aspect of “what” we do: We provide you with a whole new visualized dataset that is relevant, strategic and includes your competitors. A whole new view upon the digital landscape which allows you to better understand you and your competitors’ respective positions. This is what we call holistic performance insights combined with online competitive intelligence. Now let’s dive into how we make this intelligence work for your organization.

As mentioned previously we aim to provide the best possible view of the digital landscape for our clients relative to their competitors. But what good is it to know where you stand without knowing how to improve or consolidate your position? This is where our more tactical functionalities come into play. Through our functionalities such as SearchRank, SearchTrends and the Heatmap we provide lower level insights such as keyword level performance, performance per social channel and changes in brand associations over time. Besides this, we provide a research tool where you can combine any data available in LinkBundle to explore causality between all data points (and data points / metrics combined) allowing you to improve your understanding of how to attribute value across and between channels.

Because we understand that actively working with our intelligence might require some adapting of the decision making processes, we are more than just a tool. Obviously, we offer tool training and we provide customer support for any questions related to what you can do with or see in LinkBundle. Furthermore, we aim to provide you with relevant content  to help you gain a better understanding of competitive intelligence, the way of working per channel and practical tips to immediately retrieve value from the data. If however everything mentioned above does not allow you to capture the value promised by LinkBundle, we will provide you consultancy based on your specific needs with the sole purpose of helping you and your organization capture the value promised by LinkBundle. This can for example be done by means of sharing reports with insights, providing training with regards to competitive intelligence and by offering strategic consultancy in any shape, way or form.

After reading this it should have become more clear what we do. We provide you with intelligence and make it work for your organization. All to enhance your understanding about your digital position and how to improve it.

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