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Providing insight into your true online performance compared based on competitors and search terms of your choosing.

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The LinkBundle KPI dashboard contains a wide array of relevant online performance metrics measured for you and your competitors. Facilitating an holistic view of your performance in the digital landscape relative to your competitors.

About our KPI dashboard

When companies help you build a dashboard, this often means that they are a tool or know a tool that can help you visualize data. A very valuable exercise especially when dealing with significant amounts of information scattered over platforms, and a vast improvement to your KPI reporting. At LinkBundle we can also do this for you, but there is much more to our solution.

LinkBundle does not only visualize your data for you. LinkBundle will also discover all data relevant to your user case! We independently measure and report all KPI’s that are available in the public domain and relevant to your user case. We do this for your data, as well as for a selection of competitors of your choosing. This means that we not only visualize your existing data, we provide you with a whole new set of data represented in our own environment or plugged into your existing digital dashboard using our API.

When it comes to KPI monitoring, everyone will agree that it is essential to create a KPI dashboard based upon the most relevant KPI’s available. In our quest of adding value for our clients we have provided a solution which we call composed metrics. This entails that we combine a set of separate metrics (e.g. social following across platforms, for you and your competitors) into one ‘strategic metric’ that allows for a more holistic view of the digital landscape. A digital performance dashboard that facilitates a more strategic point of view challenges our clients into more strategic thinking and decision making.

By independently measuring all relevant KPI’s of you and your competitors and combining this information into newly generated composed metrics (and more of the magic that we do, explained in other sections) we are able to provide our clients with an automated and real-time KPI dashboard. Whether you use LinkBundle as a marketing dashboard, an executive dashboard or a digital dashboard. We ensure that we independently enrich your existing data-set and provide the dashboarding solution to go with it.

This new data-set with dashboarding solution provides a holistic insight into your online performance which, as we learned from experience, sometimes is completely new for our clients. This refreshing insight allows our clients to audit their performance across meaningful KPI’s. Is your media agency actually generating the value for you that they are claiming to create? Are you actually the top performer in the market when it comes to organic value? Try out LinkBundle and find out.