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Data discovery

We discover, scrape, structure, label, store and visualize all data available in the public domain relevant to your user case.

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Data discovery

LinkBundle scrapes the web to discover all publicly available online performance indicators for you and your competitors. Providing you with a strongly enriched dataset containing valuable competitive intelligence and actionable strategic insights.

About Data Discovery

We claim that data is useless unless it is transformed into intelligence. Even though we feel this is true, the LinkBundle journey starts with data,  and a lot of it.

Because data is such an important aspect of our service, we have learned how to deal with data in several ways and have become experts at it. First and foremost, we discover data. This means that, in order to be able to provide you with an enriched data-set, we utilize the practice of data scraping, also known as web scraping or web crawling. Besides scraping data, we include data through API connections, we buy data from the best possible third-party data providers and are able to include proprietary data. After discovering, scraping, connecting and integrating all these data sets, the fun with the data is far from over.

After the process of data discovery, we consolidate your data. This entails that besides discovering, we structure, we label, we store, and we visualize your data. Over time the history of the data-set grows, which enables you to easily track changes. All with the purpose of being able to provide you with an understandable, relevant, holistic and visualized data-set that is ready to be transformed into intelligence by the user.

During this process, LinkBundle remains fully agnostic. Being agnostic in this context means as much as that we are flexible in terms of the data that can and cannot be integrated into LinkBundle and objective in our representation of the data. We do not benefit from an overly positive representation of your performance in the digital landscape. Arguably, we would even be better off with our clients underperforming when they start working with LinkBundle because this would give more priority to using our products. Nonetheless, we choose to stay fully agnostic in the way we present and discuss your data.

And we take the security and availability of your data very serious. Your dataset is consolidated in a logical silo and replicated geographically. We have policies in place for disaster recovery, employee access and server and application security in general. We can share these with you on request. Our strategic and tactical competitive insights are composed in a realtime way. Securing the raw data and processes surrounding these holistic computations is constantly on our mind.

The challenge that follows from this complex process of dealing with your data is providing a simplistic, practical and intuitive end product for our clients. There are two possibilities to work with our data that should enable any company to capture their value from our product. The first and most utilized option is to use the LinkBundle dashboarding and reporting environment to visualize the available data. The alternative is to connect our data-set through our API with your current dashboarding/visualization solution which allows companies to benefit from the additional data without having to use another interface.