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LinkBundle is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We aim to provide a customized product and customer service that matches your specific wants and needs. Facilitating improved online performance based on the insights from LinkBundle.

Do you really love your customers?

Loving your customers may seem like an easy statement. Allow us to explain.

During our relatively short existence we have learned that the needs of all our customers strongly differ based upon variables such as digital maturity, organizational processes and personal preferences of the ‘owner’ of LinkBundle. We have also learned that a one size fits all solution does not fit the current day dynamic of the digital landscape and the business world as a whole. Therefore, in order for us to provide optimal value for our customers, we need to adapt to the wishes of our customers. Here is how we have attempted to do so.

Firstly, it is essential for us that we help our clients in a way that best fits their needs and wishes. Some clients like LinkBundle because we provide a valuable marketing tool for them to work with. A training at the beginning of the partnership and customer/technical support during the partnership suffices in order for these clients to capture their value from our product. Other clients have a preference for a more intensive partnership where we not only provide the tool to work with the data but also provide consultancy in order to transform information into intelligence and intelligence into value. Yet another client has opted for the most extensive form of partnership where we have become their global data provider for market data, they have incorporated their proprietary intel into LinkBundle for completeness and even show their digital performance per country on tv-screens throughout their office in order to generate more awareness of the online space and their place in it. The moral of the story is that not all clients are the same and therefore our service level differs per client with the intention of providing the optimal service level for each of our respective clients.

Besides our service level, we have attempted to create a flexible product as well. Firstly, it is possible for all our clients to create their own custom dashboard with KPI’s and visualization that match their need for information. Furthermore, we are always in discussion with our clients with regards to data points that they are missing and/or the integration of specific pieces of proprietary intelligence in order to make LinkBundle as extensive and complete as possible or desired.

We have discussed how we aim to make our service level and product as flexible as possible. This is not only because we want to help our clients in a way that fits them. It is mostly because the solution that we provide does not capture the maximum value if not used correctly. We understand that data/information is useless without proper translation into intelligence and/or actions that help improve online performance. Therefore, we are creating a large content base for our customers to be inspired, we are actively utilizing competitive intelligence theory and online marketing experience to consult our clients and we provide training to our new clients. All to make sure that the potential of LinkBundle can be fully grasped and then captured by the people who have put their trust in us.

This being said, we live by the grace of the value we provide for our clients. Therefore, we consider ourselves as more than a tool. We aim to be your partner in the world of digital performance and competitive intelligence. With the sole goal being helping our clients do a better job than they would have done without us.