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Social - Competitive Intelligence

Find out why and how you should use social competitive intelligence for your online strategy.

Social is a very broad typology. In LinkBundle the competitive intelligence for social is focused around the owned pages of the companies. Specifically their following, activity and engagement with users and allows you to benchmark your social performance against your competitors.

Social: Channel Characteristics

Social is a relatively new channel compared to for example SEO and SEA but has become an increasingly important channel for companies over the years. The channel is ideal for companies to generate a large base of followers, share messages and content with their (potential) followers and allow consumers to directly and publicly engage with a brand.

Social: Competitive insights

In order to clarify what competitive insights can be derived from the social data in LinkBundle, a few examples.

  • How is the social landscape divided?

As everyone knows there are several large social media platforms and new social media platforms are being created as we speak. Therefore, it is interesting to gain insight into how the social landscape is divided between the competition in your market. You may be leading on Facebook but dropping the ball on Instagram and Twitter when compared to your competitors.

  • Who is most successful in generating followers and how do they do this?

The absolute amount of followers is a good indicator of companies that are successful in generating followers. However, it is also valuable to view this data on a weekly or monthly basis to see which parties generated the largest (relative or absolute) amount of followers during this period. Once you know this, see how they did it. Can your company learn something from this insight?

  • Who is the talk of the town?

An example of a metric that helps you with this insight is Facebooks’ talking about. This metric shows how many times your company (and with LinkBundle also your competitors) is being mentioned by consumers on the social platform. Are your competitors consistently being mentioned a lot more than your company? Or a specific competitor has been mentioned 10 times more than usual? Find out why and enhance your strategy based on the insights.

Examples of platforms and datapoints measured


  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn


  • Likes/followers/subscribers
  • Growth in likes/followers/subscribers
  • Talking about
  • Account activity

Benefits of competitive intelligence in Social

Competitive intelligence in Social helps you understand whether you are successfully engaging with your audience compared to your competitors and provides insights into possibilities to improve your social strategy. Learn about how the top performers run their social platforms and use these insights to start catching up or to consolidate your lead,

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