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Display advertising: Competitive intelligence

It might be surprising to hear that there are several solutions in the marketplace that provide competitive intelligence around display advertising.

It might be surprising to hear that there are several solutions in the marketplace that provide competitive intelligence around display advertising. LinkBundle provides competitive intelligence in display advertising based on push (and thus not remarketing). Let’s dive into this channel.

Display advertising: Channel Characteristics

When it comes to channel specific characteristics, there are a few things to say about display that will be relevant when discussing the competitive intelligence aspect. First of all, display is often used for either upper funnel marketing (branding) or lower funnel marketing (remarketing). Display ads are often visually attractive and increasingly provide room for engagement between the ad and the audience which makes it ideal for storytelling purposes. Furthermore, display is a channel which often plays an important part in a sequence of channels, be it as the starting point by reaching a lot of people or as a remarketing ad to close the deal, display is almost never utilized in isolation.

Display advertising: Competitive insights

Examples of competitive insights in display advertising

  • Who is spending the most to increase awareness?

As mentioned previously, display is an essential upper-funnel channel. This means that a high display budget points at a strong focus on increasing awareness. Are you the only one in your industry not actively increasing awareness for your brand? Perhaps that explains your poor results in other channels.

  • What is the seasonality in the market and how do you respond?

Large amounts of display spends are a strong signal that it is a campaign period for that company. If every company spends large amounts during the same period of the year, it is safe to say that those periods are specifically relevant for your industry. By analyzing display spend over time you can discover high- and low periods during the year and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Display combined with other channels

The benefit of a cross-channel competitive intelligence solution is that you can combine insights from channels. Examples are combining social and display data in order to assess whose branding campaigns successfully attract social following or combining SEO and display data to explore content richness of display campaigns based on new or improved SEO rankings.

Examples of datapoints that can benchmarked

  • Display budget
  • # creatives served
  • # of publishers used

Benefits of competitive intelligence in Display advertising

Competitive intelligence in display advertising allows you to gain insight into competitors’ strategies, budgets and performance in relation to other channels. These insights can be utilized to improve your display strategy and achieve better results.

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